Pouring the Syrup on Waffle!

Dave Probert hosts the antidote to chat shows, where rambling is embraced, tangents are celebrated and segues are ridden all the way to the end of the line. Dave is joined by a series of guests for 60 minutes of unedited chat, with each conversation beginning where the previous show ended.


Tangential Deviation 29 – From The Comfort of Online Communities to When Writer Analysis Affects Enjoyment


Dave is joined by two guests on this edition. Casandra Khaw and Jonathan L. Howard join Dave and together they talk about writing for video games, macabre research, growing up geek in different cultures and the reason the Swiss refer to Cassandra as ‘Devil Woman’. You can find out more about┬áCassandra and her work on…

Tangential Deviation 20 – From The Trainspotting Stage play to Lightsabres are an Accident Waiting to Happen

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Dave is joined by the novelist Django Wexler and together they discuss their favorite films, what made them geeks to begin with, outline what has been missing from┬áPride and Prejudice adaptations and swap their favorite historical anecdotes. Along the way they even hit upon a subject that makes them consider ending the show early because…

Tangential Deviation 06 – From Do Predators Have West Country Accents to Three Year Old Children Judging Bad Fashion Choices

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For their latest ramble Dave and Matt are joined by podcaster and SFX magazine blogger Stacey Whittle. Together they talk film trailers, Jason Statham, debate which is the best series of Red Dwarf and how to get away with robbing the art world blind. They also discuss the new Dredd film with very minor spoilers.

Tangential Deviation 05 – From Implied Sequels That Are Better Than Actual Sequels to Do Predators Have West Country Accents

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Dave and Matt are joined by One More Go co-host Aaron Darlington for another rambling chat. Along the way they come up with some new monster movies for SyFy, try to improve Kickstarter, bemoan the demise of The Dandy and resurrect 80s kids shows. Plus, Dave gets a phone call from another podcast, Aaron’s downloading…

Tangential Deviation 04 – From Promoting Films With Sandwich Boards to Implied Sequels That Are Better Than Actual Sequels

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Dave and Matt are joined by Hugh David for another rambling discussion which includes why film trailers are great but film trailer breakdowns are not, what they look for in in a pub, what happened to arcades and Commander Riker’s beard. Can they go another episode Guttenberg free? What is Dr Payton Westlake up to?…